Professor Mu-Hyun Baik

Professor Mu-Hyun Baik

Professor Baik's research group, utilizing large-scale computer simulations, is trying to better understand (1) how to split water more efficiently to generate hydrogen that could be used as fuel, which would provide a permanent solution to the energy crisis (2) how to design better anticancer drugs based on the "blockbuster"-drug cisplatin, and (3) how beta-amyloid/copper complexes that are found in the brains of Alzheimer's disease patients may promote cell death - the ultimate goal is to understand this disease well enough to find rational strategies towards a therapy, if not a cure.

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What is the CALM Community?

As a continually growing tool, we require and develop a healthy relationship with our users. To accomplish this, we provide outreach programs geared towards assisting both new and experienced users getting the most out of the CALM system. Currently, the most effective of these programs is our On-Site training Workshops. However, we are proud to inaugurate a newer online system, Breeze Question & Answer Sessions.

On-Site training Workshops

Our workshops are used primarily to discuss the usage of the CALM course utilities. they can be one or two days, with the second day always focusing on the more advanced topics, leaving basic course maintenance for the first. Most importantly however, we invite experienced teachers that have been utilizing CALM in their own classrooms to assist in our workshops. this provides clear and pertinent examples of how CALM can be used in real classroom environments. though often held on the IU Bloomington Campus, we encourage and welcome invitations for seminars elsewhere. For more information on the details of scheduling a workshop visit, please contact us via email at

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CALM Study Note: There will be an additional 4 workshops in June and July for CALM Study participants.

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